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Karma Yoga is the yoga of action. It is about giving and sharing the fruits of your actions to others. Like all forms of yoga, it gives us the opportunity for personal growth and spiritual development. Nothing lifts our spirits like helping others.

From time to time I am able to organize special community yoga classes to lift your spirits and to practice karma yoga. We have the opportunity to offer our efforts to something greater than ourselves.


27 October 2013

Yoga October was a month long celebration of yoga and community service where we got to do it in a dress and help girls go to school in Africa. To see what we did click here.

Three amazing yoga studios, Twisting Fish Yoga, The Yoga Vine and Yoga Alchemy offered a yoga class in which 100% of the money raised went to help girls in Africa go to school via ONE GIRL.

When you educate a girl, she’ll change the world. An educated girl is three times less likely to contract HIV / AIDS. She‘ll marry later and have fewer, healthier children. For every extra year of schooling, her income will increase by 10 to 25 %. Not only that, she’ll reinvest 90 % of the money she earns back into her family. Educating a girl has a ‘multiplier effect’. An educated girl can change the world. We can help change the world- ONE GIRL at a time.


We got our Warriors on during this 90 minute class and we raised $1,228 for the Telethon Adventurers, declaring WAR on childhood cancer!

A warrior is keenly aware of his own death. This might seem extreme, but the thought of death can instantly light up the desire to act impeccably and to bring your full presence to the job at hand. Yoga is skill in action. This was our focus during the class.

“Savor every bloody moment of aliveness. Don't delay the delight until a day that may never come. Don't wait for the last breath before you wake the f**k up. Savor every smile, every breeze, every kiss, every meal, every walk, every sleep, every sprinkle of faith. None of it is an illusion. Its all the real deal. Savor the gift of life.”

Thanks to Lords – City of Subiaco and the incredible Marie Friebe (once again for providing our venue), thanks to Anastasia Phylactou for having the idea and to Matthew Popham who gave us the inspiration to be Warriors for Telethon. Go to and be inspired.

And thanks to everyone who came along!


With your help we were able to raise $1020 to contribute toward building a school by the Helping Hands for India Foundation near Rishikesh, India.

Over 60 students came to a Five Koshas Yoga Class and were able to directly experience the five koshas or layers by practicing a class created by my teacher Yogrishi Vishvketu in Rishikesh.

According to the map of the koshas, we are composed of five layers, sheaths, or bodies. Simply put, these five koshas are body, breath, mind, wisdom, and spirit (bliss). This map is helpful to experience yoga from the inside—the process of aligning “mind, body, and spirit" that "mind-body connection."

These koshas are interwoven and interconnected and we explored them in the class by practicing a simple yoga sequence three times. Each repetition had a focused a different layer, each repetition allowed us to go deeper into ourselves. We experienced the fourth kosha (wisdom) during savasana and the final layer, the core of bliss, began to shine through during our final sitting meditation.

This was a wonderful win-win class. We learnt more about yoga and ourselves and also helped others in need!

DO IT IN A DRESS - 14 October 2012

With your help we were able to raise $2966 and put 12 girls from Sierra Leone back in school.

Our 5 yoga instructors led the class in their school dresses to remind us what we were doing this for, to remind us how fortunate we have been to have had the opportunities that education brings.

We live in a world where there are endless problems, sad stories and challenges – but collectively, we have the power to change them.

Do You Downward Dog in a Dress.