renew | relax | reconnect


Whether for a weekend or a week, a retreat from the routine of daily life can rejuvenate your body, mind and soul. Getting out of our everyday habits and putting aside our practical and personal affairs gives us a marvelous sense of renewal and relaxation. On retreat, we connect with nature, which in turn helps us reconnect to our own true nature. Our true nature is joyful, playful and fearless.

Let go of the busy-ness of your everyday life, and enjoy feeling joyful, playful and fearless. On retreat, you’ll also get to feel tired, adventurous, strong, relaxed, satisfied, curious and even hungry! The wonderful thing is that everything seems tastier, brighter and more profound after your early morning asana, pranayama and meditation.

Retreats give us time and space to explore the practice of yoga more deeply. Learn tools to work with the body, the breath and the mind, meet like-minded people, and enjoy wonderful homemade vegetarian food cooked with love. You’ll also get the opportunity and encouragement to explore the big questions of: “Who am I? What do I want? Where am I going?”

Everyone is welcome, regardless of your experience with yoga.


“The best thing I ever did.”

“Definitely still on a high. Thanks for a life-changing weekend.”

“Thanks Robyn, it was absolutely wonderful and enjoyed everything about it.”

“Amazing retreat, Robyn.”

“Thanks Robyn - and thanks for all the gorgeous food on the retreat. It was very special.”

“Robyn, thanks for a brilliant yoga retreat. Great learning, great environment, great food, great people.”

“Fabulous people, delicious food, amazing outdoor shower, insightful classes and pure relaxation... I am so glad I signed up for your yoga retreat, Robyn. A truly life changing experience, thank you.”

“What an amazing retreat. Divine.”