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Twisting Fish Yoga Studio
Shop 19, Time Square Shopping Centre
Avion Way, Claremont
Saturday 29 March 2014
2pm - 4pm

I am excited to share this workshop on the five koshas devised by my teacher Yogirishi Vishvketu in India.

The koshas were first described around the 6th century BCE as a map for exploring the mystery of being alive.

According to this map, we are composed of five distinct but connected sheaths or koshas. They are like the layers of an onion, or the Russian nesting dolls that fit inside of each other, layered over the spirit or soul. These sheaths are not separate but are closely related, and the state of one affects each of the others.

Very simply, these five koshas are: body, breath, mind, wisdom, and spirit (bliss). Using this map of the koshas we can experience yoga from the inside, aiding in the process of aligning “mind, body, and spirit”.

This two hour workshop will explore the koshas through a short discussion then experienced directly through the repetition of a specially designed yoga sequence. The first repetition will focus on the body, the next on the breath, then the mind sheath will be explored. Each repetition will allow us to go deeper into ourselves. We experience the wisdom sheath during savasana and the bliss sheath will begin to shine through during our final sitting meditation.

There are only 20 places available for this workshop.

The cost is $25.

Register and pay at Twisting Fish Yoga Studio or contact me at